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Widgets is reusable visualization of the indicator scorecard.Objects that have been added to dashboards are called widgets. You can create and manage widgets.

Steps to create widgets

  1. In the left navigation search performance and click on Widgets PAWidgets1297.PNG
  2. Provide a name for the new Widgets.
  3. Now we will configure this widget with the Indicator
  4. We will define the type of the widgets. PAWidgets2297.PNG
  5. Now we will add a new Widget in the dashboard.In the left navigation search performance and click on Dashboard.
  6. Select your dashboard.
  7. Click on + sign PAWidgets3297.PNG
  8. Select Performance Analytics from the dropdown. PAWidgets4297.PNG
  9. Select the widgets and add the widgets in the dashboard.Then you can see the widgets in the dashboard. PAWidgets5297.PNG

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