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Interactive filters allows you to filter report widgets directly from a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard without modifying the reports.

Create a filter and add it to ServiceNow dashboard

We can create an interactive filter and add it to a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard as a widget. Selecting a value in the Interactive Filter widget filters the data in report widgets on the homepage or dashboard. Interactive_filter1.PNG Click on New button to start creating a new filter Interactive_filter2.PNG Fill up the form Interactive_filter3.PNG Interactive_filter4.PNG

We have to create new Interactive Filter references and do the mapping


Now we will add the interactive filter in the dashboards

we can apply the interactive filter using breakdown source in PA and check the follow element checkbox. If the follow element is not selected the filter condition will not work even breakdown source is applied. we can apply the interactive filter widgets. We can use this filter while using report.

There are two ways to create interactive filter using PA breakdown Source and Widget


  1. Click on ham burger symbol on the dashboards and click on dashboards properties Interactive_filter6.PNG
  2. Open the dashboard Interactive_filter7.PNG
  3. Click on Breakdown Source relative list and click on Edit Interactive_filter8.PNG
  4. Select the Departments Interactive_filter9.PNG
  5. Click on I symbol and open the records Interactive_filter10.PNG
  6. Click on Act as filter Interactive_filter11.PNG
  7. List of all interactive filters will open Interactive_filter12.PNG
  8. Chose the filter that you have created Interactive_filter13.PNG
  9. Select the Department Interactive_filter14.PNG
  10. Click on Update button Interactive_filter15.PNG
  11. Go back to the dashboard and you will see interactive filter in the dash board Interactive_filter16.PNG


Using interactive filter widgets

  1. Go to the desired dashboards where you want to add the interactive filter widgets
  2. Click the add content icon (+). Interactive_filter17.PNG
  3. In the Add content menu, select Interactive filters from the left column. Interactive_filter18.PNG
  4. Add the filter name which you want to add as an interactive filter widhet Interactive_filter19.PNG
  5. Click Add here in the section you want the filter to appear. Interactive_filter20.PNG
  6. Then Interactive filter will be added Interactive_filter21.PNG

In this way you can add multiple interactive filter

To make it work in the widgets of the dashboard you have to click on Edit Widgets


Then Select Follow interactive filter and Show when following filter



Thats all for this topic.Here we saw how to create interactive filter and apply to dashboard in ServiceNow. Go ahead and explore more and have a look on the below links

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