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Performance Analytics visualizes business process data that is collected over time.This data reveals trends which can be used to make real time adjustments for continual service improvement.The following process describes the steps of performance Analytics deployment


Key Concepts of Performance Analytics

  1. KPIs (key performance Indicators)
  2. Scorecards
  3. Dashboards
  4. Widgets

Login into ServiceNow instance. In the left Navigation panel -> performance All the sections under Performance Analytics will be displayed in the list view


Difference between Report and PA?


  1. A snapshot of the process measured at specific time.
  2. Describes a process right now
  3. Provide a real time status updates example:How many changes are closed right now.
  4. Summary of past information.
  5. Reports are great for measuring process output when no trending is required.

Performance Analytics

  1. PA provides a trending information for process so that action can be taken as soon as performance degradation is detected.
  2. PA describes a process over a period of time.
  3. PA allows for advanced trend and business impact analysis enhanced with targets,thresholds,comparisons and trend forecasting.

Setup Performance Analytics

  1. Set up the business data sources (Indicator Sources) from ServiceNow process tables.
  2. Build indicators to retrieve business data using different filter conditions and aggregates depending upon the desired measurements.
  3. Breakdown Sources are created to enable data categorization and navigation.
  4. Breakdown are created from Breakdown Sources.
  5. Indicators are associated with Breakdowns to provide dimensions for analysis.
  6. Collection is run on a regular basis to populate Sources,Indicators,Breakdowns.
  7. Build widgets to visualize Indicator.
  8. Create Dashboards and use the widgets to organize process indicators into a single place to track process health.


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