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Here we see basic terminology circling around RITM,REQ and TASK. This terms are very important while workiing on ITSM module in ServiceNow.

Understanding Request

Request: After clicking the correct Catalog Item the corresponding Catalog item form will get displayed. This form needs to be filled up with adequate on submit button. Once we submit the form we can find the Request number.

For 1 Request there can be multiple RITM (requested Items)

Understanding the RITM

  • Each Request can have request item(RITM).
  • Each RITM can have multiple task assigned to different groups for fulfillment
  • A RITM is marked as complete only when all its Task and Subtask gets completed ur_1.PNG

Understanding the Catalog Task

One liner : Request –> RITM –> Catalog Task

  • Request ticket starts with REQ
  • Request Item ticket starts with RITM
  • Task ticket starts with SCTASK

How to check for the RITM?

  1. Login into ServiceNow
  2. From the left Navigation panel click on Service Catalog > items
  3. All open RITMs assigned to your group will be displayed in the list view
  4. Filter the records further with the respective Approval ur_2.PNG

How to check for the catalog task details?

  1. Login into ServiceNow.
  2. From the left Navigation panel click on Service Catalog > Tasks.
  3. All open Tasks assigned to your group will be displayed in the list view ur_3.PNG

How to check catalog task in RITM

  1. As mentioned earlier an RITM can have one or more catalog tasks performing specific actions for completion of the request item.
  2. Click on the desired RITM and scroll down to the related list at the bottom.
  3. Operator now can view the catalog task along with the State, Assignment Group, whom the Task is currently assigned etc. ur_4.PNG

How to check SLAs

  1. To view the SLAs of the current RITM, navigate to the related list at the bottom of the RITM
  2. The SLAs will be displayed along with the Start time and Breach time for Each SLAs ur_5.PNG

How to check for the variables in RITM

  1. The operator might like to view the data as entered by user in the service portal form.
  2. This data gets captured in Variables in RITM.
  3. To view this data click on any of the RITM and scroll down to view the Variables section ur_6.PNG

How to Complete a request Item

  1. To complete a RITM the associated Task needs to be completed first.
  2. If all the task of a RITM gets completed the RITM will automatically get to Closed Complete status.
  3. Attached SLA will get completed.