This article is a supplement to the ServiceNow documentation. For full documentation please refer ServiceNow official website
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The purpose of this document is to evaluate a poc that involves ServiceNow UX page with ACL restriction enabled.

Use Case

We will first create an app using Snow studio then create page, element, component, script to create a helloworld webapp. Finally, we will apply control over the page using ACL.

ServiceNow UI Framework:

ServiceNow UI framework is one of the latest module in ServiceNow which helps to create web application from scratch. There are various components that are tied together to create a custom webapp. Below are tables that should be populated with records to make the webapp accessible from url. customwebapp110120211.png

Enable ACLs

Because this are core snow component, they by default private. We need to override this behavior by adding read/write acls on the following tables

• sys_ux_page_registry

• sys_ux_page

• sys_ux_page_element

• sys_ux_lib_source_script

• sys_ux_lib_component


There are 5 steps to take in order to construct a stand-alone web application in ServiceNow. To make things simple, let’s assume that our web app is a single web component which prints “Hello world” on a screen.

Step #1. Create a new application scope

a. In the left navigation pane under System Applications we will find the Studio customwebapp110120212.png

b. Click on Create Application button to create new Application customwebapp110120213.png

c. Fill the name of the application and scope. Then click on create Button. customwebapp110120214.png

Step #2. Create a new source script

A new record in sys_ux_lib_source_script table. Here we are adding a h1 element and putting “helloworld” text inside it. customwebapp110120215.png

Step #3. Create a component definition for a new component

A new record in sys_ux_lib_component table, pick the component from step #2 as a source script: customwebapp110120216.png

Step #4. Create a page

A new record in sys_ux_page table: customwebapp110120217.png

Here we are going to attach the root element. Let’s create the root Page element (sys_ux_page_element) below. customwebapp110120218.png

Now we go back to the UX page and pick UX page element we just created as a Root Element: customwebapp110120219.png

Step #5. Create a new page registry — A new record in sys_ux_page_registry table. There 2 vital fields here

URL Path: This can be anything, any path is fine. Note that the path we mention here will be used as reference during ACL recreation.

Page: This the UX page we created earlier. Basically we are binding the uxpage to the url above. customwebapp1101202110.png

Now we can access the URL as below<companycode>/my-portal/hello-world-app-2


x stands for custom scope. Note: The core sn modules have scope “now”. Like /now/WorkSpace/agent

companycode: Is the global company code, this can be found in in property table

The last 2 segments of the url is what we registered in step5 url path.

Step #6

Now we have to apply the ACL.

Goto sys_security_acl table and create a new record .The type will be ux_page.The most important part here is the “Name” field.

The Name field is hybrid field it can acts as reference field as well as plain text field. We are going to use as plain text field and provide the full path of the url we create in Step5.

Format to follow

Suppose our url is :

<snowinstance>/x/<companycode>/my-portal/hello-world-app-2 Then the transformed Name will be x.<companycode>.my-portal.hello-world-app-2

Observe that here “/” gets replaced with “.”.

customwebapp1101202113.png customwebapp1101202114.png

Note: ServiceNow will not validated if we give wrong url here. Our acl will not just work. So we have to carefully give the correct format.