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Service Now (SNOW) has new feature called CAB workbench which can help CAB Managers to plan, schedule, and manage CAB meetings using SNOW Change Management application.

To enable this feature, we need to activate a plugin named

Change Management – CAB Workbench


Once we have enabled it, we will see there will be a new separator named Change Advisory Board added to our change application. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis2.png

And there will be new role introduced for CAB Managers named sn_change_cab.cab_manager. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis3.png

CAB Workbench Benefits

Below are the benefits of using CAB 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis4.png

Basically this feature will help us managing CAB meetings in the following ways:

  1. Define one time or recurring CAB meetings.
  2. Define CAB meeting attendees
  3. Define CAB meeting agenda
  4. View Change Calendar
  5. Approve or reject a change request
  6. View and record meeting notes
  7. A change manager, would want to plan recurring CAB Meeting so that he/she can visualize and manage changes throughout the company.

Change approver only have option to approve or reject the change during the CAB meeting. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis5.png

Create new CAB Definition

First we need create a CAB definition to set the cab manager, boards and the agenda.

  1. Change> Change Advisory Board > All CAB Definition 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis6.png
  2. Click on New
  3. Configure the record.
  4. Name: For example, HW change CAB
  5. Define CAB Manager Name, Board Members name. E.g. Beth Anglin
  6. Define delegate who conduct the CAB on behalf of CAB manager absence.
  7. Rolling Meeting Window, Number of days for which you want to create CAB meetings. For example, if there is 1 meeting per month and rolling meeting is 90 days. Then there will be 3 meeting scheduled. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis7.png
  8. Conference details Here we can enter the meeting invite details like the meeting links, bridge number etc. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis8.png
  9. Agenda Management Here we manage the number of agenda items. An agenda item is linked with a change request number. The filter defined in the agenda management selects the specific change request for this meeting. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis9.png
  10. Notification lead time: Number of days prior to which change requesters are notified that their changes are coming up for discussion on the CAB agenda.
  11. Automatically Add change requests: This should be checked in to automatically create based on the change requests. If this is unchecked the CAB manager have to manually add the agenda items.
  12. Auto Add Agenda Decisions: This adds agenda decisions automatically on the meeting notes. Before start of the meeting, meeting notes tab will not be there. During the meeting and after the meeting we will be able to see the tab and also during the meeting the notes that we will add, will get updated in the tab. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis10.png
  13. Define Change Request Addition Conditions: Here we define the filter criteria to select specific change requests that we plan to part of this meeting. We can filter by type, description of the change etc. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis11.png
  14. Create a schedule entry Now we need to create a meeting schedule, its recurring type, etc.Go related list and click on an existing schedule entry or create a new one. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis12.png To create new entry for the meeting timing , configure record as below:
    • Name: HW change cab schedule
    • Type: Meeting * When: 09:00:00 – 11:00:00 on last day of the month (this can be configured as required)
    • Repeats: Monthly. This can be Monthly, Daily, Weekly or a particular date
    • Monthly type: This can be the day of the month, last day of the month, last week day of the month. For example, Suppose the last day of the current month is Sunday, if we select “last week day of the month”. Then it will be recursively on the last sun of the month. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis13.png
  15. Now we go back to CAB definition and in the cab meeting tab we will find all the recurring meetings 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis14.png
  16. Test if Agenda items are populating correctly Now to test if our setup works fine, and changes get automatically added as agenda item. let us create a change request with filter mentioned in our Agenda management criteria. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis15.png
  17. Create a normal change that require approval and CAB authorization 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis16.png
  18. Add set risk as high and in the description add the ram as a keyword to match filter 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis17.png
  19. In the schedule tab add planned start date and planned end date that falls under the next cab meeting date 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis18.png
  20. Now click on request for approval, and in the related list update one entry to indicate approved. The change moves to Authorize state and goes for cab approval. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis19.png
  21. Now let’s go back to our cab meeting (the one whose start end matches with Change request plan start end), and according to filter criteria we should be able to find this change as part of the meeting agenda 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis20.png
  22. We are now all set to start the meeting.
Start the meeting and cab approval process

We need to first impersonate as cab approval manager who is Beth Anglin in our case. We select the nearest cab schedule date in cab meetings. In the related list we can find the list of Agenda items part of this meeting


We can also see the list of Attendees 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis22.png

We can refresh agenda items, before the meeting to update the agenda items If all set, we click on go to this meeting in CAB workbench


We will be navigated to CAB workbench and the cab manager can start the meeting click on the start meeting button or the first agenda item 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis24.png

Once started we can see the current agenda item 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis25.png

Now we need login as one of the change approver, he can attend the meeting and approve his authorized change

So we login as luke who is one of the change approver for our change. Luke goes to CAB workbench and select 31th March in the calendar and click on the CAB meeting request.


Luke approves the change.

It is recommended to visit the meeting from CAB workbench, as the got to related meeting in the related list of the cab meeting will not visible once the meeting starts

The meeting is scheduled for 120 minutes of which the total elapsed time is 92.

Also here 85 minutes means the agenda item (change number CHG0030028) had scheduled 10 minutes but actually the discussion for this change took 85 minutes. 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis27.png

We go back to cab manager view and end the meeting 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis28.png

Now we go back to the meeting request and see the comments 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis29.png

Also the meeting notes gets automatically added as below 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis30.png

Mail notification that will be send to the attendees before the meeting will look like below 030519_0702_ChangeAdvis31.png

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