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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers can complete a satisfaction survey when they accept a case solution or close a case.

When a case is resolved or closed, using email communication channel the system sends an email with a link to a customer to take the satisfaction survey.

The customer can click on this link to complete the survey.

Only one survey can be generated per case. If a survey has already been generated for a case, a second survey cannot be generated even if a case is reopened and closed again.

We can also design our own survey using the survey designer tool. After designing a survey, be sure to select a condition for triggering the survey.

Configuring surveys

There are many options for advanced configuration in Survey Management: Create a survey, add questions, and choose recipients, all in one interface. Create conditional questions, which appear only when users answer other questions a certain way. Restrict a survey so only specific survey users can take it, and send invitations to those users simultaneously. Alternatively, make the survey a public survey so that any user can take the survey, even anonymous users (users who have not logged in to the ServiceNow system). Tip: The assessment_take2 UI page should be public for public surveys. If that page is not public, anonymous users do not have access to the page and public surveys do not work. Set a schedule to automatically assign a survey to users and to limit how often the same user can take a survey. Customize the look and feel of survey questionnaires. Save anonymous survey responses. Convert survey responses to numerical scores and view them on scorecards. Deactivate a survey for maintenance or to retire it without deleting it. Note: Because surveys use the same tables and other back-end components as assessments, you may see assessment elements such as table and field names in certain places throughout the survey feature.