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An Indicator Source is the definition of what records should be gathered from a table in the database. This can also be referred to as a fact table. The indicator source is used to gather large amounts of data.To define a indicator Source ,simply specify a fact table(SNOW table) and a condition(selection criteria).

Indicator Source.PNG

To view available indicator sources,navigate to Performance Analytics>Sources>Indicator Sources.

Multiple indicators can be created based on this indicator source.


Indicator Sources Configuration

  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics>Sources>Indicator Sources is1.png
  2. Click on new to create a new indicator sources is3.png
  3. Enter a name by which we can easily see what the indicator source is used for ,such as Incident.closed is4.png
  4. Select the interval to collect data for(Daily,Weekly,Monthly etc) is Valid for Frequency. Indicators based on this indicator source use the valid for frequency values as the indicator Frequency.
  5. Select a fact table as the base table to extract the set of records from ,or, select a report source.
  6. Define the condition. The query should always contain a date. Indicator Sources creation.png
  7. Related List Conditions: Related List Conditions allow to check for related records in another table Example: Select open incident which is now resolved and with open related problems in the problem table. related list in indicator source.PNG
  8. Click on Submit.

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