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When somebody creates an incident then it will be nice to have one email notification send to the person who has created the incident. Also when one incident is assigned to user we would like to send a notification to the user stating that one incident is assigned to him. In ServiceNow we do this using Notifications

Event26102019 (16).png

Outbound Email

Notifications send outbound email to one or more recipients in response to specific activities in ServiceNow. Notifications can be sent when:

  • Records are inserted or updated
  • Events are generated
  • The Notification activity executes in a workflow

How can I create a notification?

  1. Go to
    left Navigation  pane>Type notification>Under system notification>Notifications
  2. Here we can see all the notification in the current system
  3. Click on New button to create a new notification
  4. Here we are creation the notification as when one record is created In our system then one email notification will send to the user.
  5. We will give a name of the notification for our reference
  6. The active field is very imp. If the active field is checked then the notification will be triggered

Event26102019 (17).png

When to send the notification:




When multiple Notifications are simultaneously triggered for the same record and addressed to the same recipient(s), the Weight field value determines which notification(s) to send and which to skip. Use the Weight field to prevent recipients from receiving multiple or conflicting notifications for the same target table record or event.

  • Notifications with a Weight value of zero are always sent.
  • If notifications have non-zero Weight values, only the notification with the highest Weight value is sent.
  • If multiple notifications have the same non-zero Weight value and that value is the highest, all notifications with that value are sent notification326thoct.PNG

Who will receive?

Event26102019 (19).png

When we will create an incident and assign the incident to XYZ team, we want to send a notification to the XYZ team once the ticket gets assigned to the team.So here in the User/Groups in field section we will add assigned name fields. So when we will create an incident and select the assigned name as XYZ team then mail will go to the group.

If we want to send mail to any particular user then we will select the user name to the users section.Or if we want to send mail to any particular Group then we will select the Group name to the Groups section

What it will contain?

Here we are configuring the body of the mail.

Event26102019 (21).png

Add Links to Messages Use clickable links in messages to make it easy for users to access records in ServiceNow or to unsubscribe from notifications. When clicked, links open a record in ServiceNow for editing.

Link syntax in Message HTML field: notification426thoct.PNG

Resolved links in delivered email: notification526thoct.PNG

One important note

We have enabled email out going and in going to do that go to email properties from the left navigation pane Event26102019 (22).png

Make sure that email sending enabled is checked as YES. Then only email will send from the service name system Event26102019 (23).png

To receive the mail in service now we will select the Email receiving enabled Event26102019 (24).png

So now once the record will create then one mail send to user/ Groups But how can we get to know whether the record sent or not to the recipient? It is actually stored in the activity field.

So Right click on the from>Configure>Form Layout Event26102019 (25).png

Select the activities and bring it’s over the form: Event26102019 (26).png

Then go to the form and see the activities fields are there or not

It is there but email details are not there so we need to configure the fields so click on Configure available fields Event26102019 (32).png

Select sent/received emails field and bring it on the form and enabled the fields Then refresh the page and see the below mail details in the form

UseCase : When an event is triggered then one notification will get created.

To do that click on Notification from left navigation pane: Event26102019 (34).png

Click on the Advanced View to configure Event26102019 (35).png

After that we have to select the option send when Event26102019 (36).png

There are two option

  1. Record inserted or updated
  2. Even is fired Event26102019 (37).png

If we will select record inserted or updated then we will have two option

  1. Inserted check box
  2. Updated check box

Event26102019 (38).png

If we will select the Event is fired then we will get one option Event name From the field we can select the event. So the mail will send after the event will triggered. Event26102019 (39).png

Inbound Email

Inbound email is mail sent from any user into ServiceNow. ServiceNow parses the incoming email and may or may not take action in response.

When email is received, ServiceNow needs to determine:

  • If the message is a reply, forward, or new message
  • If there is an existing record associated with the message
  • If the sender is a known user

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