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The ServiceNow Dashboards product enables you to display multiple Performance Analytics, reporting, and other widgets on a single screen. It’s a multiple tab home page. It helps to view large scale of data in various projections. We can control visibility by user role. We can create a new dashboard and create tabs like Incident, Problem, Change. We can add and configure, style widgets in dashboard.

Dashboards work much the same way as Homepages.
Multiple tabs may be added to dashboards.
Tab allow you to logically group widgets that belong together.

Dashboard types

There are two kinds of Dashboards

  • Standard
  • Breakdown

A breakdown Dashboard is different from a standard Dashboard because a filter can be selected in the title bar that quickly filter all the widgets on each of its tabs.


The Follow element must be activated for each widget in order to filter appropriately


Using breakdowns on dashboards

To follow the procedure look at the below link:

PA Dashboards