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Plugin: We need to enable ServiceNow IntegrationHub Installer plugin.

Congigure Flow to do the integration

1.Navigate to IntegrationHub > Action Designer. Ebonding0405202010.PNG 2.Here we are opening Flow designer. Ebonding0405202011.PNG 3.Click New. Ebonding0405202012.PNG 4.Fillup Name and Click on Submit. slacksnowintegration040520202.PNG 5.Select a Trigger Point. slacksnowintegration040520203.PNG

6.Selecct Created or Updated


7.Fillup below fields and Click on Done

Trigger:Created or Updated

Table:Incident as we will create a incidet record in target instance

Condition:Mention the condition when this will triggered


8.Click on Action. slacksnowintegration040520206.PNG

9.You will find below options Ebonding0405202018.PNG 10.Select Slack WebHooks > Post a Message slacksnowintegration040520207.PNG

11.You will find below options


12.Fillup below fields and Click on Done slacksnowintegration040520209.PNG

13.Click on Save and Activate Ebonding0405202025.PNG


We will create a incident in source instance.Automatically one message will post in slack

1.Click New Ebonding0405202026.PNG 2.Create and incident in Source Instance and select the assignment group as Application Development. slacksnowintegration0405202011.PNG

3.Click on Submit Ebonding0405202028.PNG

4.Go to slack and find the message. slacksnowintegration0405202012.PNG